We Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Mobile

We work together with our clients to build custom mobile apps. Each app is created for a true unique customer experience which adds value to the overall customer interaction with your brand. Our understanding of mobile and web based technology combined with the knowledge you provide of your customers, empowers us to bring a level of expertise to your company like no one else.

We love working with our clients. Creating ideas together and turning them into real apps is what we do best. We are passionate, creative, and have experience developing products that fit your needs and the needs of the people you are trying to reach. As entrepreneurs our selves, we understand the value of todays technology and how the trend has moved towards mobile. We want to help you become part of that trend.

Things that make us different. Good communication is the key. Listening to our customers and transforming their ideas into reality is what we excel at and we follow this process from start to finish. We are passionate about our work. As your mobile app partner we truly care about your app’s success. It’s what makes us tick.

Features That Matter

A List of Just Some of Our Features

Push Notifications

Send school alerts or promotional messages directly to your customers wherever they are.

Amazing Features

Send out unlimited messages at no extra cost. More affordable than SMS services.

Loyalty Rewards

With the app you can have a built in loyalty reward program to keep your customers coming back.

Amazing App Features

Loyalty rewards are about bringing loyal customers back to your business and reward them for their patronage.

Staff Directory

A complete list of the staff at your school church or Non-Profit. One click direct dealing is included.

Amazing App Features

You can also contact the party you are trying to reach by email or text.

Events / Promotions

Broadcast special events or promotions going on so you can drive customer traffic to your business.

Amazing Features

From lunch specials, bands playing or oil changes, your customers want to know this information.

Social Media

We can link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and RSS feeds directly to your app so people can follow you.

Amazing App Features

Setting up these links will help to garner more followers and you can ask for people to like your Facebook page.


Any document that you have in digital form you can place it on the app for easy access by parents and customers.

Amazing App Features

Posting these documents on the app gives instant access to the user looking for these documents and you also save a lot of trees!


You can set a playlist of music on the app. From country to rock & roll you decide what you place on the app.

Amazing App Features

Customers can now listen to your playlist on their phone and even play it in their cars through a bluetooth connection.


For churches bulletins are very important. Now you can post them on the app and save money.

Awesome Feature

You can also inform parishioners when the bulletin has been posted to the app.


You can have a calendar on the app to keep track of special days, special events and promotions.

Amazing App Features

From the app you can also sync your calendar to your phones calendar or your computers calendar.

Book Appointment

Your customer will be able to book an appointment with your business on the app, fill out the form and send it in.

Amazing App Features

Being able to send a form to book an appointment is a great feature where you can send your requested time for an appointment at your leisure.

Mobile Shopping Cart

If you have a store on the web we can link it directly to the app so people can shop through their smart phone

Amazing App Features

The app gives you the ability to sell directly to the client from wherever they are Grat for shopping.

Absentee Forms

Parents can now submit absentee forms on the web for easy access to inform the school.

Awesome Features

Parents are so busy today this gives them opportunity and convenience to send in that form for their child.

We Make Communication Easier

Loyalty Rewards

Getting business today is about not waiting for people to walk in the door or spending large sums of money trying to acquire new customers. Today it’s about customer lifetime value and how many times you can bring back the customers that already use your services. The best way to do that is to reward your customers through a loyalty program. We add a loyalty program to almost every single app and you have the ability to customize it any way you see fit. So you can reward your customers on their fifth visit or ninth. It’s up to you!

Easy Navigation

The way people navigate through an app is the most important part of the design phase of app development. Creating a smooth and instant path to the information the user is looking for is the success all app developers are striving to achieve. Knowing this Tappit Media digs deep into what our clients want to accomplish and how we can recreate a design in an effective way so that the app can fulfill the client’s needs and the customers user experience.

  • Navigation list that communicates your message .
  • Start with the main information links on top.
  • Always have up to date information.
  • Keep user experience in mind.

Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy.

Do You Know Where Your Phone Is

Of Course You Do

Have you ever left your phone behind at the office or at home and realize it ten minutes later. What do you do? If you’re like the rest of us you panic and then you calmly go back and retrieve your phone. In todays world people depend on instant communication and on average look at their phones at least 150 times per day.

So it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing is important, we know it is! It’s now a question of being in the game to drive brand awareness, loyalty and to understand how your customers behave and what their preferences are. The traditional notion of “going online” is not the same as 5 years ago, most people today use their smartphones for this purpose. Tappit Media is part of this trend and our philosophy is to help you become part of this trend and capture this market and have it become a major part of your marketing plan or communication network. We have the people, we have the technology, now all we need is you…..

Skills We Use

Listen to the needs of customers 100%
Design what the client needs 100%
Exceed expectations 100%
Get lots of rest, Sorry it’s true…. 50%

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